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Advantages And Disadvantages Of EPDM Flat Roofing

EPDM Is a short form of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a type of flat roof, precisely, an arm of the single-ply membrane. Alongside other rubber membranes like PVC, TPO, etc., if you like the beauty of an EPDM roof and what to install in yours, we suggest you get to know all about it first. Below is a brief description on the cons and pros of EPDM.

Advantages Of EPDM Roofing


EPDM is less expensive compared to other flat roofing. It is also easy and less expensive to install when you use the ballistic method. Its maintenance cost is not expensive either.

Flame and fire-resistant

EPDM, just like PVC, is fire resistant. That is, it has a class A fire rating. It resists any form of fire from starting, and even if the fire breaks out, it slows the progress so the fire can't move fast.

This will help and allow fire extinguishers to stop the fire before much damages are done to the building.

Eco Friendly

EPDM can adapt to any environment. It usually comes in black colors, but it has white colors, although black is more common.

It reflects heat, makes your building cooler, and cuts energy costs. This saves you money for other important things. EPDM is lightweight to be used on any building regardless of the size, style, shape, etc.


Aside from PVC, EPDM has one of the longest lifespans, ranging from 15 - 25 years. And at times, even up to 30 years.

Although before the end of its lifespan, you might need to do some repairs. But if properly taken care of and other protective parts are added to it, you might have little or no repairs.

Disadvantages Of EPDM Roofing


Although EPDM also comes in white colors, it cannot be compared with its rivals when it comes to aesthetics.

You might find more roofing appealing to the eye than EPDM roofing


While EPDM is good and long-lasting, it is also prone to damage, especially when faced with severe weather conditions like the scorching sun, heavy rains, etc.

That's why it's important to seal and waterproof your EPDM. Failure to do this causes overexposure, which leads to damages.

Installation Cost

While EPDM has a cost advantage, it also has a disadvantage. As said earlier, the installation of EPDM is lesser when the ballistic installation system is applied. But if the mechanical system or the fully adhered system is applied, the installation cost becomes more expensive. Using this method makes the installation cost more expensive than its rival, TPO.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of EPDM flat roofing. If you are still not clear on choosing EPDM, you can contact the local roofer in your area for more information. Or contact us at Bushwick Roofing; we will take your questions and guide you on a successful EPDM installation. Contact us at 519 Knickerbocker Ave,

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