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Flat Roofing Problems You Can Fix Immediately

Flat roofs are the number one roof of choice for many residential homeowners and commercial property managers. While they have many positives, they also have their flaws.

However, most of the problems you could encounter with your flat roofing system can easily be avoided if you employ the services of a professional flat roofer near you during the roof installation. Also, using a top-notch material and proper flat roof maintenance culture is necessary. But at times, it can still affect your roof regardless of the roofing material, contractor, or even maintenance.

The Problems Of Flat Roofing And Their Solutions

Ponding Or Pooling Water

Pounding or pooling occurs when standing water (or stagnant water) has been on your roof for over 48 hours or more. Other reasons are,

  • A divot part of your roof that does not allow the water to flow
  • Excess rain and moisture
  • Debris buildup
  • Blocked Gutters and Drains


  • Remove all the debris from your roof
  • Blot out the water or push the water to the gutters and drainage
  • Clear the gutters and drainage. Remove all blockages and make them clean.
  • Fix the dip part of your roof with asphalt patches and roofing cement, then apply coating or sealant to seal it.


This is a situation where the air is trapped between the layers of your roof. Blistering is not a big problem like ponding water but can become one when it receives continuous sun, and you ignore it.


Check out where the blistering occurred and cut out a new roof membrane material, preferably a bit longer and wider. Carefully remove the blistered part from the roof, attach the new membrane to it, and seal it with your preferred adhesive method.


Alligatoring occurs when the coating of your roof cracks and is no more in good shape. It's called alligatoring because the shape it forms after the cracking resembles an alligator's hide.


  • Do a proper cleaning on your roof. Remove all the coating or sealant
  • Add a primer to prepare and create a smooth surface for your coating
  • And lastly, add your preferred roof coating or sealant


As you use your roof, there will be degradation like roof flakes, break down, and some of the problems we discussed above.


Do thorough regular inspection on your roof, preferably monthly or quarterly. The goal is to fix any roof problem and make sure your roof is in good condition.

Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing is small metals that are used to connect two roof surfaces. They also act as a link, connecting one roof surface with another. It also helps and prevents water from entering your roof. It wards off water from the chimneys, walls, and valleys of your roof.

No doubt, because of its great importance, every commercial and residential building should have a flashing. But as important as it is, it also has a demerit. It can get damaged in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, continuous snow or ice, etc.


The best solution is to either repair the damaged flashing or replace it with a new one. And then fix the flashing appropriately.

Holes, Tears, And Leaks

Holes, tears, and leaking can be caused by:

  • Ponding water
  • The weather condition: if you have a fierce weather condition, then it won't be long before you start having these problems
  • The age of your roof: All roofs have their estimated lifespan. When your roof moves close to the end of its lifespan, it is susceptible to holes, tears, and leaking.
  • Foot traffic: When many legs tramp on your rooftop, it won't be long before you have this issue. This is also a major contributor to holes, tears, and leaks.


  • To avoid excess foot traffic, create a pathway for people on your roof.
  • Always do a frequent, thorough check on your roof and see if you have this issue
  • Replace the parts that are affected with new ones.
  • If your roof is close to its estimated lifespan, then you might consider doing a roof replacement.

Even with flat roofs, it's not advisable to climb your roof and conduct roof inspection and repairs. Doing that will not only place your roofing system at risk, but you'd be putting yourself at risk as well. Although you can fix some flat roofing problems alone, most times, it's best to leave the issues to a professional flat roofer. Tackling some flat roofing problems requires experience.

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