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How Many Roof Vents Do I Need?

A roof vent is a kind of fixture established on the roof of the building as a way of letting out humid or hot air. Roof vents are necessary for the home as it aids the maintenance of good room temperature in summer. It is an essential part that sustains the roof, clean and whole attic, and home.

Working Mechanism

When airflow is allowed inside the attic, roof vents accomplish a lot at the same time. The rise in ventilation will result in: hindrance of moisture accumulation in the attic (this will as well aid the prevention of mildew and mold), the prevention of icicles and assembling of harmful ice dams, and assist to reduce the temperature of the attic (leading to the rise in energy quality of the home, leading to the reduction of utility bills all through the year).

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Let us look at the types of roof vents before you know how many you need for your house roof.

You must know that roof vents have two functions intake air and exhaust air. The major reason for this is t ensure a constant flow of air. The different types of roof vents are:

  • Ridge Vents: This moves ahead of the edge of the roof. They are lengthy and not wide. They are excellent exhaust vents.
  • Soffit Vents: They are also known as under-eave vents. Soffit vents are fixed underneath the roof. They hang suspended over the eaves.
  • Gable Vents: Gable vents are fastened to the gables instead of the roof, just as the name implies. Gable vents pass through the side and come in numerous shapes like squares and rectangles.
  • Turbine Vents: The turbine vents productively use a wind-powered turbine to draw out all the hot air and moisture from the attic.
  • Other Types: so many other different types of roof vents exist like the box-shaped or dome vents. They pass through the roof itself.

Therefore, how many roof vents do you need?

Generally, in such situations, the rule is roughly one vent per every 300sq feet of your attic area, that is if the attic area has a vapor impediment. If that is not the case for your home, having 1 square foot of vent area for every 150sq feet of attic space is necessary.

This is only a rough estimate of what you will need for your home roof.

Bushwick Roofing NY is here to help you to fix the right and appropriate roof vents for your house. We are known for our durable and standard services across the state. Our services are affordable and awesome. Our customers have testified to this.

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